Testimonials from previous and existing clients...

Dave Attmere, PM Consultant, Siemens

“You took the time to fully understand the challenges. Whilst it is always a temptation to throw an “Off the shelf” solution at the problem, it did not feel like this.

The overall experience was good, no pressure to engage on your services; a set of delivery consultants who took time to absorb the issues and then wrap a solution around it; great working relationship

I would recommend Advance. Engage, a conversation, costs nothing and the proposal stage will tell you if you are taking the right choice.”

Matthew Spence, Route Delivery Director (Scotland), Network Rail

“Your approach was open and receptive to our ideas. You listened, went away and planned in detail and were not afraid to challenge our thinking and adapt the plan as the workshops evolved

We achieved value adding and a legacy for two of our key projects. It was a key enabler to success. Team members all said 'why didn’t we do this earlier?' and then also often said 'when can we follow up?'”

Andy Rowley, National Commercial Director, Tarmac

“Tarmac have worked with Advance for many years. Our initial engagement focused on supporting the development of business vision, strategy and goals ensuring alignment of team and individual objectives.

Over the years Advance have supported us on a number of major infrastructure opportunities. Advance provided invaluable guidance in establishing the operating principles of the joint venture bid team, focusing on implementing structured ways of working, communication and behaviours.

We would not hesitate to engage Advance in the future on key work winning opportunities and strategic initiatives.”

Chris Young, Managing Director, Tony Gee

“Not just the typical corporate body trotting out the usual management speak but a more focused and bespoke organisation”

“The people involved took the time to listen to our requirements and concerns and provided a response that took the time to look into our specific situation and we felt that the proposal was tailored to our needs and not just a generic offering”

“The investigation and work prior to our workshop was thorough and really helped to focus the time we had with Advance to make best use of this workshop”.

“Helped us to understand the issues and facilitate a set of sympathetic solutions that fitted our culture that we could buy into without feeling railroaded into something generic that did not suit our business”

“Very positive, it felt like a two-way process enabling us to develop ideas that we had already partially formulated but with some outside thoughts that we had not considered”

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