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All our trainers, facilitators and coaches have held senior leadership and management roles. So they know the frustrations and opportunities, the nuances and the unshakable tenets – because they’ve worked with them for decades.

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Five steps from now to better

Just like our consultancy work, every learning and development programme is created to precisely fit your needs, your people and your culture. Here’s how:

1. We listen

Tell us what you’re looking to achieve. We’ll probe to understand the context, and make sure we leave with an agreed set of outcomes. And as we work on your programme, we’ll come back to you again, checking to make sure we really understand your needs.

We listen

2. We diagnose

Not behind a desk at our offices, but with your team at yours. We’ll meet your delegates and discover what’s holding them back – and what they’d like to achieve. This is development as collaboration, not imposition.

We diagnose

3. We create

We build your programme, and schedule reviews to make sure it’s exactly what you expect – before we deliver a single exercise or example. That way, everything stays rooted in the reality of how your team works – which accelerates the learning.

We create

4. We meet the managers

Your delegates’ managers play an incredibly important part in the success of the programme. We meet with them to get their support, and make sure your investment has the maximum effect.

Meet managers

5. We deliver

We challenge people to go beyond what they think is possible. We involve, we adapt to different learning styles, and we highlight ways they can bring their new skills into the workplace. And of course, we help you evaluate the outcome – and offer delegates ongoing support.

We deliver

We have a track record in delivering.
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