Directing your team to discover the answers.

Then supporting you to deliver.

Our clients ask us to give their people and teams the systems, structure, and culture they need to succeed – the flexible frameworks that will support continued growth.

From understanding behaviours and building resilience – through to creating psychological safety where concerns can be raised – we take a thoroughly practical but highly personalised approach. This is something we know drives success.

Strategy, direction and culture

What does your business want to be – and why? And how do you create the company-wide behaviours and ethos to make your strategy a success?

We work with you to build effective leadership and operational teams at all levels. It’s about making sure people understand each other, concentrating on six main areas:

  • Risk and opportunity management
  • Creating the leadership environment
  • Problem-solving and decision-making
  • Integrating teams and approaches
  • Setting vision and purpose
  • Creating teams and a project climate that allows everyone to contribute

Collaboration and team development

Could meetings be more productive, decision-making more inclusive, or engagement levels higher?

We bring your people together – across teams and businesses – to achieve your goals in the most complex commercial and technical settings. To do this, we:

  • Gather feedback, build profiles, and coach people to understand each other’s behaviours and styles
  • Create effective working approaches, especially for joint ventures, alliances and partnerships
  • Measure collaboration in teams and individuals, mapping results to business outcomes, and shaping development opportunities

Designing and managing transition

How can you deliver a complex change programme when culture, behaviours, processes and business strategy are all in play?

Our approach starts by understanding the team and broader dynamics, whether you’re bringing new people together or moving to a new phase of project delivery. Our next move is tailored to your precise needs, which could involve:

  • Direct support on change implementation
  • Mentoring and advising key people and teams
  • Coaching leaders at all levels
  • Bringing Professional Collaboration to life in real projects, with a focus on tangible business outcomes
What is Professional Collaboration?

Effective Professional Collaboration involves everyone on the team acknowledging each other’s expertise, and focusing on the best way to achieve a shared goal – together, and allowing challenge to be positive and invigorating. How this manifests itself differs from team to team, which is why it’s so important for us to tailor our approach.


Winning and awarding work

How do clients get the best from the bids they create, in a commercial environment where trust is in short supply? And how do bidders succeed when margins are tight and risks are hard to manage?

We work on both sides of procurement, giving us a unique perspective – and a comprehensive set of tools. Our work can involve:

  • Direct consultation, supporting you to write your bid or create your submission
  • Shaping your work-winning lifecycle to create opportunities
  • Making your offer genuine and meaningful
  • Developing your commercial and procurement strategies
  • Behavioural assessment – supporting both sides to get the most from this process, by developing teams rather than simply ticking boxes
  • Assurance and review, to make sure your tender – or bid – is as successful as it can be

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